How uKnowva Probation Confirmation module work?

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This document describes the working and flow of the probation confirmation module of uKnowva

Step 1: While onboarding an employee, HR Manager will enter the employee’s confirmation due date and employment status as ‘Probation’.

Note : Filling the details asked in employment information tab is mandatory for successful execution of the probation confirmation process.

Step 2: Reporting Manager will receive a notification before 7 days to complete the probation confirmation for his reportees .

Step 3: Reporting manager will access the menu probation to confirmation , here manager can view the employment status , confirmation date, status of the request etc.

Manager will click on the asses button to initiate the process. ( Refer to  the below screenshot)

Step 4: After clicking on assets, the manager can view the employee's few profile details, employee code, designation, business head details etc.

Step 5: The manager can rate the employee on basic attributes like performance, knowledge,team, comfort, goal etc. ( Kindly refer to the below screenshot) Manager will select the assessment status as approve or reject

If assessment status is selected as approve then , employment status will changed to ‘Confirmed’ and manager can enter his remarks for the same

If assessment status is selected as reject then , system will ask to enter the extended date with remark and manager can enter his remarks for the same

Step 6: After assessment done from the reporting manager , the request goes to the  business head for approval.

Business Head can view the request and approve/reject it.

Step 7: After approval from the business head , next approver HR Manager will receive the notification for approval.

Once approved from HR Manager too, the request will be finally approved and employee’s employment status will changed to ‘Confirmed.’


Note: level of approvals can be configured as per your organization’s policy.