How to generate salary using paid/unpaid days in uKnowva?

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Note:-This functionality is only available for the HR Team(this right is configurable also).

Step 1: Go to the left main menu -> Attendance Details page.


Step 2: Then first lock the attendance for the month which you want to import paid unpaid days using the button 'Calculate & Lock Attendance'.


Step 3: Click on the button called 'Import Paid Days'

Note - User should have at least 1 day of attendance in uKnowva before you import paid days in uKnowva. You can check this link for How to import user's attendance in uKnowva.



Step 4: In this, you can view the sample format to import paid unpaid days accordingly create a sample .csv file.


Step 5: Then click on the upload CSV file button shown in the pop-up and select the file which you created.


Step 6After that for salary generation refer to the steps given in the below document.

Document URL:-