How to Exclude users from TDS in uKnowva

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If you want from some Employee's salary, TDS should not get deducted then you can exclude those employees in uKnowva.


1) Log in with your uKnowva account. Click on your profile icon from the top-right corner, click on the menu ‘uKnowva Configuration’.


2) Go to ‘Plugin Manager’ Menu, Search for Plugin name, and click on the ‘TDS calculator’ to configure it accordingly.


3) You can exclude users by Two ways either selecting particular ‘User Group’ OR ‘User’

  •  If you want Group, then click on the 'Exclude User Group' and Select the Option from the drop-down and save. 


  •   If you want a particular user then Click on the ‘Exclude User’ and Enter a user’s name which you want to exclude.