How to Configure a perfect Work from Home policy using uKnowva HRMS

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Amid the Coronavirus scare, there is a need to allow people to work from home. Now the challenge is: How to record people's attendance properly. One of the ways of doing that is to regularize your attendance, but there is another Smarter way, by just configuring the Virtual biometric plugin properly in uKnowva. Here is a step by step guide for the same

1. Enable the Virtual biometric plugin so that people can punch in even from home. For this, just go to uKnowva Configuration --> Plugin manager

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2. Now make approval required as Yes in the configuration and also enter Office Static IPs such that if anyone punches from these IPs then it will not go for manager's approval

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3. Save the configuration, now everyone working from home will see the Virtual punch in page to record their punches and the same shall be sent to managers as well for approval at the end of the day.

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This a better approach than attendance regularization because it is smarter, it automatically records in time and out time. User's need not remember that and also runs rules and then sends it for approval. If you enable Smart reminders in the plugin, then it also reminds the users if they have forgotten to punch in, hence reducing a lot of HR efforts of running behind people to regularize their attendance. Additionally, you can also Geo fence locations, refer this link on how you can do so:

Also, please note that Virtual biometric uses Google Maps API for capturing the locations, etc. and by default the free version of this API has a usage limit, It is advised that you create a new API key and update the same in the Configuration page of Virtual biometric. Please refer this documentation link for a step by step procedure to do the same.

In addition, we have the uKnowva Messenger that helps you stay in constant touch with your team via instant messaging, you can chat, share files, create groups/streams, and collaborate just like as if you are in a Virtual office. More details:

For any further help, please write to helpdesk[at]uknowva[dot]com