How to allocate shifts in uknowva HRMS?

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Shifts are used to schedule employee timings in an organization. Setting up daily, weekly, monthly basis shift timings for employees is possible in uKnowva.

You can assign these shifts using the import functionality which allows bulk import via excel.

To add Shifts:

Step 1: Go to the left main menu -> HR MANAGER - > Shift Allocation


Step 2: Click on 'Add' Button.


Step 3: Specify the details

User Id -  Specify the name of the user.

Shift Id -  Specify the shift which you added in 'Shift Master' already.

From -  Specify the start date of the shift.

To - Specify the end date of the shift.

Status - By default, it's published.

And click on the Save button. 


Step 4: To add multiple shifts via bulk import, click on 'Import.CSV File', download the CSV file.

Mention the user id, Shift name, From date & to date then import the excel into the system.

The Shift now is assigned to users.


Step 5: If you want to change the shift only for one day for any user, simply using the 'Search filter' search the person and find out the date and edit it.

Note:-If you want to change it for multiple days than simply delete the shift which is assigned already for a user and then import it newly.

Note: You can export all the shifts that have been defined in the system by simply clicking on 'Export'.