How to check the investment declaration done by the employee and also verify the proofs?

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Step 1: Go to left hand side menu->'Investment Declarations'->'Pending Approval'.


Step 2: List shows 'pending Approvals' of Investment Declarations.


Step 3: there are 3 options provided in the 'Approve/Reject' column for view, accept and reject.


Step 4: To see all the list which is already approved click on the 'view all' button which shown in the top right of the table.


Step 5: Now you can see the all employees list who had declared their investments with an amount in each section separately.


Step 6: To see the already submitted proofs, please click on the amount shown in front of the name of the employee in each section.


Step 7: You can view all the details for investments for that section and also see proofs.


Step 8: Now to check proofs, please click on the respective attachments to view or download.