How to add shifts in uKnowva ?

Shifts are used to schedule employee timings in an organisation. Setting up multiple shift timings for employees is possible in uKnowva.

You can add these multiple shift schedules using the import functionality which allows bulk import via excel.

To add Shifts:

Step 1: Go to the left main menu -> HR MANAGER - > ADD SHIFTS



Step 2: Click on 'Add Shift'.



Step 3: Specify the details

  • Title -  Specify the name of the shift.
  • Start Time -  Specify the start time of the shift.
  • End Time -  Specify the end time of the shift.
  • Late After - Specify the timing that would be considered as late arrival by the employee.
  • Early Before - Specify the timing that would be considered as early exit by the employee.
  • Location - Mention your organisation's location.
  • Status -  Select 'Yes' to publish the shift time and 'No' to unpublish.
  • Night Shift - Select 'Yes' if the shift is a night shift.

And click on Save button. 


Step 4: To add multiple shifts via bulk import, click on ' Import Shift Master', download the CSV file.

Mention the shift details and import the excel into the system.



The Shift now is available to be assigned.

Note: You can export all the shifts that have been defined in the system by simply clicking on 'Export'.