How to track accurate location while punching on uKnowva HRMS

  1. First of all, your instance URL should start with "https" and not "http". If your instance URL is starting with "http" kindly Raise a ticket to uKnowva regarding the same.
  2. When you log in on "https" server you will see a pop up for tracking your location. You have to click on "Allow" so that your log in location gets accurately tracked.

  3. If you click on "Block" it will track your location on the basis of your IP Address which is not accurate most of the times.
  4. Once you block the browser to track your location it will never ask you again for your location.
  5. So just to allow the browser to track your location, you will manually need to change the location settings.
  6. Visit Below link where it is shown how to manually allow browser to track your location. This link will guide you for Chrome PC, Chrome mobile iOS, Chrome mobile Android Enabling Location Services on Chrome
  7. Below link will guide you for Enabling location services on Mozilla mobile
  8. Below are the guidelines for enabling location on Mozilla PC browser.
      • Enter the command about:config in the browser's address bar.
      • In the window that appears, click I'll be careful, I promise!
      • Enter geo.enabled in the Search line.
      • To allow location to be determined for all sites, right-click on the searched command and choose "Toggle"
      • After this you will see "true" in the value column.
      • To not allow location to be determined for all sites, right-click on the searched command and choose "Toggle"
      • After this you will see "false" in the value column.

Please note: We are using Google location tracking facility in the app and desktop/laptop, which usually traces the location correctly with 90% accuracy. Hence, there might be certain cases when even after doing the above, the location might be traced incorrectly. Location tracking technology is being upgraded regularly and eventually the accuracy shall also improve

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