How Data Exchanges with third party systems happen in uKnowva?


Enterprises use many different systems for various purposes like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Legacy softwares, etc. There is always a need for pushing and pulling data into and from uKnowva for better interoperability. Following are some of the best ways in which such data exchange can happen


  • Via APIs: uKnowva has existing set of APIs like SSO, Authentication, User update, etc. which can be used to pull information, it also has capabilities to push data as well to other system by consuming their APIs, for getting more details on this, please connect with the Support team
  • Via DB Links: In this case, the third party system can simply provide a database link of their database in a restricted or read only format and we shall write the required integration to pull/push information directly into the database. All databases that have PHP based drivers are supported at the moment
  • Via FTP Sync: In this process, we push and pull information via writing and reading files from a shared FTP folders
  • Via RPAs: This is the last approach if all above approaches fail. An RPA is a robot script that can perform a certain set of predefined tasks regularly. Example: we can write an RPA to export data from uKnowva and import it back into another system and vice versa.