How to use @ Tags in comments and feed to improve collaboration

If you are reading this, probably you already have uKnowva setup for your organization and are looking on ways to improve participation.

The best way to so this is use @tags to tag users, groups and usergroups as when you tag people or group of people, the system sends out an email and notification to the respective users too which can then prompt the users to login into the system and then get engaged.

Example: Check below screenshot of an activity posted by a user

You can attract more people onto this by simply clicking on comment and tagging them like this:

Once you post the comment, it would look like this

save image

The system would have triggered an email and mobile app notification as well to Manali Dalvi and Marketing team members by now.

This way you can encourage people by simply tagging them in the feeds and comments!

Have a great day!

Happy Collaborating!

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