uKnowva Extensions

As the name suggests "Extensions" are to extend the already available functionality of uKnowva application. Vanilla uKnowva installation comes with default features like social intranet, document management, etc. But say you want a project Management App or some completely new functionality like tracking user sessions, etc, then you can do this by adding more extensions to uKnowva.

How to install new extensions in uKnowva?

You can extend uKnow...

uKnowva Architecture

The uKnowva architecture is inspired from the Joomla architecture. It is a 3-tiered model. The three tiers are:

The Framework Layer at the bottom The Application Layer in the middle The Extension Layer on the top

Framework Layer:

The bottom-most layer is the Framework Layer. This layer contains uKn...

uKnowva—Extending Collaboration

uKnowva is an enterprise collaboration platform for businesses. It offers seamless networking and communication features to connect with employees, partners, and customers and bring accelerated growth and increase in productivity. With open communication and collaboration across various departments, groups, and teams, uKnowva offers a new business environment with new opportunities and innovation to get the competitive edge.

In addition, uKnowva also...