Release Notes for uKnowva - October2023

This month we have worked upon enhancing existing modules to give our clients better User experience. Apart from these we have made a few for UI changes.

1.       UI/UX Changes

  1. Employee name, profile picture and basic info now seen in My Menu
  2. Overall UI/UX improvement in Exit Management Module


2.       Attendance

  1. In/Out latitude, longitude and location is now available in Attendance Description within the attendance data export sheet
  2. Attendance Regularization issue for Night Shift users fixed. Regularization of attendance post midnight’s date issue rectified.  


3.       Recruitment

  1. The system now has a provision to display the details of Expired/Closed Jobs
  2. An option to add single candidate on Offer Letter Page now available


4.       API

  1. API for adding extra earnings/deductions for a user against month-year now available
  2. We have created an API token manager from where Admins can go and generate the token by themselves.


5.       Overall

  1. Workflow engine enhanced to auto. populating data into fields mapped under table reference. This enhancement changes/updates the auto populated data in the mapped field on change of table reference field.
  2. The system now has the ability to set calendar or financial year in PMS
  3. Data stored in additional fields created in forms, are now available in exports.
  4. Acknowledgement Plugin enhanced. The system now allows acknowledgement of files as per selected folders also