How to Read Your Attendance Calendar

If you are using the Biometric Plugin on uKnowva, your attendance punches for each day are displayed in a page called My Attendance in a calendar format. Your daily attendance is plotted on this calendar using different colours for different types of attendance.

The colour code for the attendance calendar is explained below for your reference.

  • For working hours more than 8 hrs, colour will be Dark Green
  • For working hours between 4 hrs and 8 hrs, colour will be Blue
  • For working hours less than 4 hrs, colour will be Red
  • If you do not or forget to punch in your working hours and submit the attendance later, it will appear in Corn colour till it is approved
  • For leaves or half days, colour will be Buttered Rum
  • Holidays declared by the organization will be in Limeade colour

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