How to create a photo album and upload photos in uKnowva

When you click on Photos under the Network tab, the “Albums” page opens. It displays the albums of all users.


Creating an Album and Uploading Photos

There are two ways of creating an album and uploading photos into it. In the first method,

  1. On the Photos page, click “Create Photo Album”
    Create Album 1
  2. Enter the Name, Description, Location, and set the access rights for the album
  3. Click “Create Album”
    Enter Details
  4. Once created, in the album page, click “Upload Photos”
  5. Click “Add Files” to browse and add photos or Drag and Drop the photos into the designated area.
    Upload Photos

In the second method of creating an album and uploading photos, 

  1. In the Photos page, click “Upload Photos”
  2. Enter the name of the album
  3. Add files by either browsing for them or drag and drop
    Photos Second Method{jcomments on}