How to enable 360 degree PMS Review in uKnowva HRMS

Here is a step-by-step guide on the 360 degree PMS Review Module


What is a '360 degree PMS Review Module' ?


The fundamental concept driving the 360 degree PMS Review is to streamline the performance evaluation process, particularly in large organizations where reporting managers often face time constraints due to various responsibilities. With this system, managers can initiate the evaluation without waiting for the employee's self-rating, enabling a parallel rating system. This not only saves time but also ensures a comprehensive assessment by leveraging both the employee's self-perception and the manager's observations. Thus, the 360-degree PMS Review facilitates a more efficient and insightful evaluation process, enhancing organizational productivity and promoting a culture of continuous feedback and improvement.


Why do I need it?


The need for the 360 degree PMS Review arises from the challenges faced in large organizations, where reporting managers are often burdened with multiple responsibilities and time constraints. In such contexts, waiting for employees to self-rate before managers can evaluate them can lead to delays and inefficiencies in the performance appraisal process. By enabling a parallel rating system, this module addresses these challenges, allowing managers to initiate evaluations without delay. This not only saves time but also ensures a comprehensive assessment by integrating both the employee's self-assessment and the manager's evaluation. Ultimately, the 360-degree PMS Review enhances the efficiency of performance evaluations, promotes timely feedback, and facilitates a more holistic understanding of employee performance, contributing to organizational effectiveness and employee development.


How to enable the 360 degree PMS Review?


Follow the steps outlined below:


Step 1:Navigate to the top-right corner and click on "uKnowva Configuration" in the profile menu


Step 2: Click on "Apps Manager"


Step 3: Click on "KRA and Appraisal Ratings"


Step 4: Scroll down and click "Yes" on the "Enable 360 appraisals" toggle button






To enhance the utilization of the 360-degree PMS Review, enable the toggle button named "Enable Multiple Approvers". Unlike traditional performance reviews conducted solely by managers, the 360-degree PMS Review incorporates feedback from multiple sources, including the employees themselves, their peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders. This multi-source feedback approach offers a well-rounded perspective on the employee's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development.



Step 1:  "Enable Multiple Approvers" toggle button





Step 2: Scroll up and select "PMS Appraiser" in "Appraiser Field id" field



Step 3: To create the PMS Appraiser field Go to "uKnowva Configuration" -> "Profile Fields Manager" -> "Add Profile Field"



Step 4: Go to a Employee profile & click on "Edit Profile" -> "Employment Information"




Step 5: Search for "PMS Reviewer" and add all Multiple Approvers for that user



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