How does the Business Unit Head rate in the uKnowva performance module?

In the uKnowva performance module, the Business Head plays a crucial role in evaluating employee performance and normalizing the appraisal process. Serving as the primary authority, the Business Head rates the performance of their direct reports, ensuring a fair and standardized assessment. Business Heads can accurately assess employee performance and provide valuable feedback. This streamlined process enables Business Heads to recognize strengths, identify areas for improvement, and evaluate overall contributions towards the unit's objectives.

Step 1: Go to the left-hand-side menu -> My performance -> My Business Unit Ratings

Step 2: Choose  BH Promotion/ Recommend, BH’s Rating (KRA), (BH’s Rating), BH’s Rating, BH’s hike Recommend % & BH’s Hike Recommended Amount as per your preference.



After selecting the correct option, the Sum of CTC Prior Increment and Sum of CTC Post Increment will appear. Then, click on "Confirm & Submit Ratings"



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