How to maintain Payroll confidentiality in uKnowva

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Payroll and confidentiality exist together. The former includes administering the duties necessary to pay employees and

conduct the business constitutionally; the latter requires guarding the financial data used in the payroll process.


Limit access to payroll data

Only chosen people should have access to your payroll information. If you have an employee in charge of running payroll,

let only that employee have access to payroll information. By limiting the number of people accessing the payroll data,

you greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized people getting confidential payroll information.

uKnowva allows you to restrict the payroll access even if the user is an Admin or HR.


About payroll admin access

Payroll Admin access is the only access that will allow an authorized person in the organization to access the payroll data. 

Assignment of these privileges can be done only via uKnowva support. Please write your payroll access rights

requirement on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our support team will include this functionality on your instance.