How to add attendance or Leave on subordinate's behalf in uknowva?

Step 1:- In the top bar of the home page, there is a search option click on it and search for Your team member.


Step 2:- Then the system shows you the profile of team member and on this page, you can see the option to 'check attendance' of that user click on it.


Step 3:- Now the calendar view will show the attendance of the user and there is an option to 'Switch to Full view' click on it.


Step 4:- the Same calendar will open in a new tab, Now click on the date for which you want to add attendance or leave.


Step 5:- There are two tabs in the pop-up window named 'Add Attendance' and 'Add Leave' select what you want to add for that date.


Step 6:- Please enter data like For attendance:-Start Time, End Time, Description and For Leave:- Leave Type, From Date, To Date, Reason and Save it.


Note:- Only thing is to check the configuration of HRMS that can be done only by admin users of uknowva.

There is Option under 'uKnowva Configuration->Apps Manager->HRM Lite' in this configuration options named 'Allow Superior to Add attendance' and 'Allow Managers/HR Manager to Apply the leave on behalf of a user' if this is 'Yes' then the only user can add attendance or leave for there team member.