How uKnowva Resignation Module Works?

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This document describes the flow of the resignation module in uKnowva.

Roles Included and Basic flow of the Module

1. Employee

2. Approver

3. Exit Clearance Department Admin


 Let's have a look of the working of uKnowva resignation module step by step:

Step 1: Employee Abc submits the resignation request.

Step 2: Approver Xyz (Abc’s Reporting manager) receives the notification and email about the Abc's resignation request.

Step 3: Approver Xyz accepts the resignation request, after this status on the resignation will change as level 1 approved.

Step 4: The system asks the approver Xyz to assign handover/Knowledge Transfer to another employee and Abc's revised last working date.

Step 5: Abc receives the notification of the acceptance of his resignation request.

Step 6: Abc can give Exit Interview after his successful approval of the resignation and it will get stored into the database.

Step 7: Request goes for the clearance to the various departments for example:- HR Department, IT Department, Finance Department, etc. 

Step 8: After clearance from all the departments(IT, HR, Finance) status on the requests gets changes as Exit clearance done.

Step 9: After Exit clearance, the HR Manager fills and submits the FNF Request.

Step 10: The reporting manager receives the notification to generate the reliving letter for the employee Abc.

Step 11:Generated 'Reliving letter' gets stored into the employee Abc's folder.