How to set up profile update approver plugin in uKnowva?

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This PROFILE UPDATE APPROVER’ plugin will allow you to set certain fields in your instance's user profile which when changed would require approval from the Admin or user's reporting manager or a particular user. You can also set a custom PHP logic to define who would be the approver. You can also define the complete matrix so as to provide certain fields approval for some user and certain other fields to some other set of users.


Step 1: Go to menu uKnowva Configuration.

Step 2: Go to Plugin Manager search for the plugin: PROFILE UPDATE APPROVER.

Step 3: Select 'Publish' Yes and 'Accessible To' user group selected user groups that shall have access to this plugin. 

Step 4: In configuration 'Apply approval for updates only?' by default this option is set as 'Yes' If you set this as No, then even when the user is creating a new profile .i.e. filling his profile for the first time, the approval system will get executed. Please note that this can be troublesome for the user as sometime this might make the form invalid and give a validation error to the user.

Step 5: In 'Approval Matrix' you can define single/multiple access Control. For defining more than one approval matrix click on the green color ‘+’ icon from below mentioned screen. 

Step 6: In 'Select Fields' you can select fields that need approval on edit and shall go to the approver.

Step 7: In 'Access Type' you can select approver of the edited fields. If 'superior' is selected, All Superiors shall be allowed to approve the changes, in case of 'immediate superior' only immediate superiors shall be allowed. If 'selected users' or 'selected users groups' is checked, only users belonging to that particular group or selected users shall be allowed. If you have a 'custom PHP logic', then you can select Custom Logic as well.

Step 8: You can select default approver, In case the above matrix does not fetch any user for approval, Then the default approver will receive approval request, If this is set blank, then the updates will be allowed without approval in case the above logic does not fetch any approver. 

Step 9: For notifying to the users select an option to send notification via 'Emails', uKnowva notifications' or 'both'.

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