How are Salary Slips Generated and stored in uKnowva HRMS

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Salaryslips/Payslips can be generated with a simple click of a button after you have generated and verified the payroll for a particular month OR you can upload them into the system through a zip file. If you wish to know the process to generate payslips, please check this link:, OR in case you are doing payroll in some other system and are uploading payslips in uKnowvathen refer this link on how to do so:

In this article, we are going to explain how these payslips are actually created on the filesystem and assigned to individual users. Once you hit the Generate payslips or Import payslips button, following set of things happen

  1. System generates a PDF document on basis of the salary data and payslip template for each user
  2. This PDF document is then stored in an encrypted folder on the file system. Some unique things about this folder are
    • It is outside the public_html directory, so that this folder can never be accessed via a URL
    • Its path is a complete secret .i.e. the path on the file system is randomly generated for each user and files are stored in this page .i.e. even if someone has access to the file system, they would still not know what folder is for which user and contains what files
  3. The PDF document is then assigned to individual users using a database table mapping where we store the document path and the user who will have view access of it (that means the user for whom the payslip is generated). As of now, we also give a view access of this file to payroll admin so that they can see everyone's payslip but only from the application level .i.e. they will have to login into uKnowva with payroll admin account to view other user's payslip.

We understand that the payslips are very sensitive documents and we have taken all possible security measures to keep this data as confidential as possible. Below are a few frequently asked questions wrt payslip generation for your reference

Q1. Can an IT guy who has access to the filesystem check the payslips?

If the system is on our cloud, then the IT guy cannot do so as he will never have access to our filesystem. If uKnowva is hosted on-premise, then technically speaking an IT admin can actually access the complete filesystem, but he/she would never be able to figure out the folder and file paths as they are all encrypted.

Q2. Are the payslips PDF password protected?

This is in our roadmap as on July 2019 and should be available in next release preferably by Aug 2019

Q3. Are the access to payslips logged?

Yes, by default any document created on the document repository system in uKnowva has logs attached to it which shows you who accessed the file when and also what action was performed. Check this link for more details on logs:

Q4. Are payslips backed up? If yes, how frequently and who has access of the backup and how can it be restored?

If your instance is running on our cloud, then the payslips will be backed up with the routine file system backup which happens once per week. The backup is then stored in a cold storage which is accessible only to the Infrastructure head @ uKnowva. These backups can be restored in case a customer requests for the same by sending an email to helpdesk[at]uknowva[dot]com

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