How to create user group of employees in uknowva ?

If you wish to create different user groups like HR Team, Admin Team, finance Team etc in uknowva system then please follow below steps:

NOTE: Please make a note the only Admin can create user groups.

Step 1: Go to top-right-hand side profile icon -> Uknowva Configuration


Step 2: Go to left-hand-side-menu you will find "USER GROUP MANAGER" menu


Step 3: In top-right-hand-side click on "Add New Group" Button and add new group which you wish to.


Step 4: You can add title name of your group and little description of that user group like below example:

Example: Title - Admin , Description - User belonging to this user group have additional access to key functions like Configuration, etc. Place only selected users under this group


Step 5: If you wish to create subgroups then just follow above steps and add your parent group in "Sub group of : xyz" and submit it.

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