How to add entitlements/deductions on temporary basis (Only for one month) (New Version)?

Step 1: Click on add "earnings and deduction" button you will find that button in top left hand side of screen (Please refer attach screenshot).


Step 2: First select the header type, Header name, Amount type, Header default amount/formulae, applicable for all, select applicable users(Include Usergroup/Users ,Exclude Usergroup/Users), and the click on Add button.


Step 3: when we add header name that column will be added as "Header name (whichever name you suggested)".

For example: We added header name as "Diwali Bonus" now this header name will be displayed in screen, please refer screenshot.

NOTE: If the Amount of given earning/deduction is vary user by user then you can import earnings and deductions


Step 4: To import earnings/deductions you will find "Import Earnings/Deductions" button please refer screenshot.


Step 5: Download the CSV import template file in you local machine, add username and header name in that file and save it.


Step 6: Click on choose file and select the saved file from your local machine and upload it.

Now earnings/deduction amount is imported in your system.

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