How to generate single or multiple payslips in uknowva ?

Step 1: Go to left-hand side menu, click on "HR Manager" -> Payroll


Step 2: In right hand side of page you will find "MORE" option click on it under that option click on "Pass salary details"


Step 3: Select the year in the drop down and click on the month of which you want to generate salary slip.


Step 4: Now you can see the salary of each employee of that month.


Step 5: In first cloum you will find check box where you can click on check box.

If you have more than one user then mark check boxs for that users.


Step 6: After that ,In the top-right corner you can find the option of "Generate salary slips" click on it and pop up will appear click on okay button to give comfirmation.


Step 7: Now you can see the pdf files of salary slips of every user.

Please make a note that only the HR manager/admin can view everyone's salary slips.

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