How to define multiple salary structure?

Step 1 :- Go to HR Manager > List Salary Heads.

Step 2 :- Click on Add on the right hand side button. 

Step 3 :- Now you can add the salary head whichever is required it may be earning type/deduction type. 

Step 4 :- Write the Title of the head for eg. Basic. Select if it is a Earning or a deduction. If you leave type blank it will display in both. Click on save once done. 

Step 5 :- Now this salary head is added to the list of heads. The same way you can add as many heads required.

Step 6 :- Now again click on HR Manager > Salary structures 

Step 7 :- Provide a name to the structure in the field structure name. 

Step 8 :- Enter the yearly CTC for bifurcation. 

Step 9 :- You can now add all the heads in the earnings as well as deductions section. To add multiple head click on the '+' sign on the right corner. 

Step 10 :- You can enter the formula for the particular head. Also choose whether the head is variable type, should it be shown in the payslip and whether the head is calculated on the attendance basis. 

Step 11 :- You can do the same process for the deductions section as well. 

Step 12 :- Once all the required heads are entered in the Earnings and deductions part. You can click on save. 

Step 13 :- Now this salary structure is added to the list of structure. The same way you can add as many structure required.

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