6 things you should check before generating salary in uKnowva payroll


Step 1.To generate salary of users you need to check the below data for that user is properly set in the system.

The list of data you need to Check:-

1. User Date of Joining -To check this go to the profile fields of that user and in 'Employment Information' you see the date field for Date of Joining.



2. User Salary Structure -Please check if the salary structure is properly defined under HR Manager tab in 'Payroll' now you can see the table where all employee salary structure is defined. You can edit the structure by clicking on edit icon by hovering on the name of the employee.



3. User Attendance -Check if the attendance details for the month is accurate. This is shown under HR Manager Tab in 'Attendance Details'.


4. User Leaves -This is seen under HR Manager tab in 'Attendance Details' there is column paid days and unpaid days also check the leave applied by user is paid leave or unpaid leave.


5. OT hours of the User -If the OT is applicable then check the OT hours for the month is properly calculated.


6. Extra Earnings and Deductions for the user:- This is also shown separately under HR Manager in 'Extra Earnings and Deductions' tab. For Example:-loans,Advance,Monthly expences,Travel and Food allowance.

7.PF/TDS/ESIC Calculation -Check if the PF,ESIC,TDS is configured properly, it's configured through two ways whether it's define in salary structure or it's through plugin.

For the plugin configuration refer given links:-

1. http://docs.uknowva.com/how-to/hrms/142-how-to-calculate-and-configure-esic

2. http://docs.uknowva.com/how-to/hrms/140-how-to-configure-provident-fund-calculator


Step 2:-After checking all the above details you can generate salary.(Note:-If the Employee is more than 1000 then you may use uknowva filters to generate salary location wise or department wise also to speed up process.)

Please refer link - http://docs.uknowva.com/how-to/hrms/147-how-to-generate-payroll


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