How to configure Payroll

1. Click on "HR Manager" then click on "Payroll" and then click on "Edit Default Structure"


2. Enter the yearly CTC, the monthly CTC will be automatically calculated in the below window.


3. Define the salary components, their formulas and it will automatically generate the amount in the third column. If you do not have a formula for the salary bifurcation then keep the formula option blank.


4. You can also define a particular earning to be a variable component by clicking on the check box next to the amount column. If you select variable component then it will show an option of the frequency of the same. i.e monthly, quarterly etc.


5. You can save as many as salary bifurcations by clicking on "+" button.


6. Similar to earnings; You can also define salary deductions. Please note if if you have already configured the PF, ESIC, PT, and tax deduction applications and plugins, you do not need to assign deductions for them in the default salary structure. They will be calculated and assigned automatically.


7. After making all the changes, click on "Save" 

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