How to define Holidays

1. Click on "My Leaves" then  "List Holidays" and then "Add Holiday"


2. Define the holiday. Enter the holiday date, then enter the occasion of the holiday.


 3. If it is a yearly holiday like 15th August Independence Day, 26th January Republic Day; click on "Yes" in the "Yearly Holiday" option.



 4. You can also define holidays conditionally i.e different holidays for different states for those companies who have multiple branches across states. For that click on your Profile Picture and click on 'Uknowva Configuration"



5. Click on "Apps Manager" and then click on "HRM Lite"



6. You will find a field for Conditional Holidays where you can enter more than one; different conditions. Here let's choose "State" and "Gender" for instance.



7. Once you have chosen the required fields click on "Save" and go back to the home page.



8. Again click on "My Leaves" then  "List Holidays" and then "Add Holiday"



9. After clicking "Yes" for the Conditional Holiday you will see the selected fields coming in the drop down.



10. Select the required fields and click on "Save"



11. You can see the updated list of holiday after saving the new holiday.


12. You can edit / delete the holidays by hovering over the holiday name and clicking on the required option.


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