How to configure Conditional Holidays in uKnowva?


What are Conditional Holidays?

Conditional holidays are holidays applicable based on certain conditions fulfilled by the employees. These conditions can be the residing country of employee, gender of employee, age of employee, etc.

While configuring the conditional holiday, uKnowva allows you select multiple conditions which can be used to configure varied conditional Holidays.

This allows the user to create varied circumstantial holidays applicable to only specific employees.

How to configure Conditions for conditional holidays?

Note: The Configuration is available only for Admin Users.


Step 1:-Click on the profile icon shown in the top right corner and click on the uKnowva configuration.

Step 2:  Click on ‘Apps Manager’ from the left Main Menu

Step 3: Go to ‘HRM Lite’. You will come across a pop-up, scroll down to the option that says ‘ fields for conditional holidays’

Step 4: This is where you define/select fields based on which the holidays will be applicable to specific employees.






Step 5: click on save towards the bottom to save the conditions.

How to setup Conditional Holidays?


Step1: Go to My Leaves > List Holidays

Step 2: Click on ‘Add Holiday’ on top right corner.

Step 3: Mention the occasion of the Holiday. Select ‘Yes’ for ‘Conditional Holiday?’

The conditions defined earlier will be available here. Select the respective condition depending on which the holiday will be applicable to the employee.

Click Save.

You have successfully saved a conditional Holiday.

This will appear in the list of Holidays for the respective employees.




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