How to Enable and Configure FFmpeg

Videos can be uploaded by going to Network>Videos>Add>Upload Video

But these videos do not have a thumbnail and cannot be played on all platforms. So the solution to this is intalling FFMpeg.

Firstly, what is FFMpeg?

FFMpeg is the software used to Convert videos to FLV(or any other) supported format. Also the thumbnails for the uploaded videos are generated by FFMpeg.

Firstly you will need to install ffmpeg on your server.

Then configure this FFMpeg for Uknowva.


  1. Login to the admin backend of uknowva(Currently this option is not present in the frontend.Maybe in Future versions.)
  2. Go to Jomsocial > Configuration > Media . Look for option "Path to FFMpeg"
  3. If you have a Apache server on a Windows based machine Put the following in the "Path to FFMpeg" box
    cd C:/xampp/htdocs/phpffmpeg-master/ffmpeg/bin/ && ffmpeg
    Here "C:/xampp/htdocs/phpffmpeg-master/ffmpeg/bin/" is the path where ffmpeg is installed
  4. If you have a Linux based machine as a server, only put "ffmpeg" in the "Path to FFMpeg" box after you have installed ffmpeg on your server.

What will this do?

Whenever CRON is run, thumbnails creation and converting of videos takes place and after conversion is done, an activity is posted in the activity stream.

This option is also available in uKnowva ConfigurationàGlobal Configuration as well.

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