uKnowva's Project Manager

Keep track of all your projects, related tasks, project members and deadlines. Use Project Manager to establish all these tasks and complete them efficiently.

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uKnowva's LMS

uKnowva has developed an LMS, i.e., a Learning Management System, that is perfect for setting up your own e-Learning website. It has all the features that allow you to create courses, set assessments, upload tests, track student progress, etc. As a student, you can purchase courses, view modules and lessons, give tests, connect with the teacher and much more.

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For Teachers:

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uKnowva's HRMS

uKnowva’s HRMS is designed to meet all the requirements of HR activities of modern businesses. It comes with robust features that add a greater flexibility to your HR processes. With features ranging from Leave and Attendance Management to Performance Appraisal Management, it is the perfect partner for HR teams in any company-big or small.

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