The Complete Tutorial of Resignation Module


1.   Introduction

 Employees resign for many different reasons, such as a job offer at another company for more pay or better benefits, a move to another state or country, or retirement.

As a manager or an HR professional, you may want to respectfully ask why the employee is planning to leave, as the answer could reveal problems within the company that needs to change. However, above all else, your job is to be courteous and professional when an employee resigns.Your steps for employee resignation need to be easily understood so anybody can follow them and the same for every employee to avoid any possible discrimination charges. uKnowva HRMS has a resignation module which is a quite beneficial module for management and employees making their exit as a smooth transition.

The flow of the resignation module is as follows:

 Step 1: Employee Abc submits the resignation request.

Step 2: Approver Xyz (Abc’s Reporting manager) receives the notification and email about the Abc's resignation request.

Step 3: Approver Xyz accepts the resignation request, after this status on the resignation will change as level 1 approved.

Step 4: The system asks the approver Xyz to assign handover/Knowledge Transfer to another employee and Abc's revised last working date.

Step 5: Abc receives the notification of the acceptance of his resignation request.

Step 6: Abc can give Exit Interview after his successful approval of the resignation and it will get stored into the database.

Step 7: Request goes for the clearance to the various departments for example: HR Department, IT Department, Finance Department, etc.

Step 8: After clearance from all the departments (IT, HR, Finance) status on the requests gets changes as Exit clearance done.

Step 9: After Exit clearance, the HR Manager fills and submits the FNF Request.

Step 10: The reporting manager receives the notification to generate the reliving letter for the employee Abc.

 Step 11: Generated 'Reliving letter' gets stored into the employee Abc's folder.