Release Notes for uKnowva 2.4.4

  • Added the feature of recursive permission selection while editing a folder; it has got 7 options:
    1. Yes, gracefully in folders and files
    2. Yes, gracefully in folders only
    3. Yes, gracefully in files only
    4. Yes, forcefully in folders and files
    5. Yes, forcefully in folders only
    6. Yes, forcefully in files only
    7. No
    • Gracefully means only the folders/files that had a similar access level like that of this folder earlier will be assigned the new permissions
    • Forcefully means, all underlying folders/files will be compulsorily assigned the above permissions
    • If no is selected, the above permissions will not be assigned to any of the underlying folders/files

  • Improved the look and feel of the Advanced Search page
  • Added the option of disabling user creation in LDAP plugin; LDAP plugins will now be used only for user authentication and not user account management
  • Now define which user group a user goes into when his account is created automatically
  • Added more options in mod_latestmembers configuration like sort by date, sort direction, no records text, days limit, etc. Admins can now sort the user list by register and last visited date and more fields
  • Admins can now reset passwords for users who are using a remote mode of authentication
  • Empty designations in the user upload file do not overwrite existing designations
  • Added tooltips to Block user and Report user option in the Profile page

  • Added Advanced Search in the Knowledge menu
  • Added a new Cache Manager; view more details and/or download it from here
  • Made multiple user groups for single user possible. Refer this link 
  • Removed blocked users from chat list
  • Added back button in file versions popup
  • Introduced onAvatarStatusOverlay for user and community plugin; check this link 
  • Added Created On and Last Visited On columns in User Manager export; also gave direct download link for files
  • Made a provision such that if Allowed IPs field to execute web services is kept blank in Global Configuration, then all hosts shall be allowed
  • Added notifications for forum replies as well, in case the topic is access protected
  • Added Root Directory Information under System Information

  • Chat disabled on tabletsd
  • Admins can access all menu types in Menu Manager
  • Added Root Directory Information under System Information

  • Events in the calendar can be filtered depending on the types of events displayed below the calendar

  • Added a Widget Manager in uKnowva Configuration