How to add a Product in uKnowva Invoices

                                   HOW TO ADD A PRODUCT


Step 1


Click on New and Add product.



Step 2


Enter all the details.


If you are not aware of the HSN code of your product you can search the same in

above highlighted window or click on “Search HSN code” which will redirect you

on another page.



Step 3


Here you can search for your product’s HSN code.



Step 4


Put the HSN code in below highlighted window.


Select tax rate and put all the details and click on save.



Step 5


You can view your saved product by clicking on sales and then products.




Step 6


You can edit the product details by clicking on the product name.



Step 7


You can also upload a list of product by clicking on the highlighted window.



Step 8


You can download the upload format by clicking  on “Download CSV import

Template file” and upload your list of products in the same format by clicking on

“Upload CSV File”.


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