How to add an Invoice in uKnowva Invoices

                                      HOW TO ADD AN INVOICE


Step 1


Click on New and add invoices.



Step 2

Start typing the contact’s name in the search box, if the company is not present in

your system you will have to add the company by clicking on Add as





Step 3

You will see a screen like this; enter all the details given in the boxes and save.



Step 4

Start typing your product’s name in the search box. If product is not added, the

system will give the option to add product. Put details of your product and add

the product.




Step 5

You can edit the payment date and the due date in the above window.




Step 6

You can enter a purchase order in the above window for your reference.




Step 7

You can enter the place of supply and the place of delivery in the above windows.

Also if you click on “same as billing address”, the contact billing address will be

saved in the system.




Step 8

You can enter all the invoice related costs / discounts in the above window and

then click on save.




Step 9

You can view the saved invoices by clicking on sales and then on invoices.




Step 10

You can edit the Invoice details by clicking on the name of the invoice.




Step 11

You can add a payment in an invoice by clicking on the above window.




Step 12

You can view invoice payments / view invoice online/download invoice in PDF

format / and send invoice through email by clicking on the above window.




Step 13

You can export all the invoice data in Excel by clicking on the given window.



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