How to Integrate your Biometric Systems with uKnowva Attendance

When you are using uKnowva as your one-stop portal for all things enterprise, it is expected that you would have your attendance logging system on it as well. However, in case you don’t or are unhappy with your current system, uKnowva’s Virtual Biometric plugin is the perfect tool for you. Using this, employee’s working hours can be calculated. It also tracks their GPS location, which is an added advantage for those organizations that are looking to support their fleet on street employees in attendance, and also helps in task monitoring.

Along with this plug in, our system can also support your current Biometric and card swipe system, integrating the data into attendance management to provide seamless management and reporting.

In this article, you can learn how to integrate and import your biometric data into our uKnowva Attendance system.

Method 1:

Import the CSV attendance file from your attendance system to uKnowva

Export the attendance file from your biometric/card swipe system and upload the same in to uKnowva HRMS. You can check the format of the .csv file before exporting the data, correct and edit your data as per the format required and upload the attendance that will automatically be fetched in the employees’ attendance tables.

Method 2:

When you do not want the hassle of editing your data file, check our Extensions Store for extensions that can help you upload your attendance file as is.

The plugins available on the Store convert your data into the format needed for the system to read and automatically fetch the same into the employees’ attendance table.


Contact uKnowva Helpdesk if your device’s format is not supported by any of the extensions available in the store.

Just drop us an email with the format that your device gives you the attendance details in and we will develop a customized plugin for you.

Method 3:

Push data directly to uKnowva using the Internet

Some devices are advanced enough to store the biometric or swipe data on the internet or your network. If you have such a system, uKnowva can smartly fetch the data automatically and update the attendance system. Write to us, and we will develop a plugin for you that imports attendance information directly to uKnowva.

Some Live Case Studies

Convergence Services

Convergence uses the Virtual Biometric Plugin to log its employees’ attendance and work location. The same system is used to log the attendance of employees who work from their office, from a client’s office, or travel for meetings.

The in and out times of all employees is logged in real time along with any time that they spend offline. At the end of the day, the total time spent is calculated and displayed as the final attendance for the day. In addition to the attendance, the tasks completed each day are also logged.


Mirador, a Construction Company, uses two methods to record staff attendance:

1. Virtual Biometric Plugin: Mirador employs a team of staff who are very often expected to travel and work from construction sites. They juggle between various sites, and therefore, the HR needed a system that would be able to record these employees’ attendance without inconveniencing them. Our Virtual Biometric plugin was the perfect fit for their requirement.

2. A plugin to read their biometric records and manually input into the system: For the staff who work out of their offices, they wanted to continue with the existing biometric system. However, their biometric system was not advanced enough to automate the system completely. We developed a plugin to automatically rearrange the data exported from their system and import the same into our application without manually changing the format.

Prime Focus Technologies

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) is a Media Company with offices pan India.

Their biggest concern was collating the biometric and card swipe data from all their locations and providing a real-time attendance data to HR and the supervisors. Since their existing card swipe and biometric system was already storing the data on their servers, we connected our uKnowva system to their network. Our system now fetches data from their server every 5–7 min and records the same in the attendance management system on a real-time basis.

Therefore, an HR or a supervisor can at any given point of time check the attendance for the day, late comings and absenteeism with just one click.

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